What do your sources teach about the problem you’re exploring?


Annotated Bibliography Final Submission

ENGL 1302 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

For this assignment, you’ll compile a list of sources that discuss varying perspectives and approaches to the social, political, or ethical problem you choose to write about this term. For each source, you’ll include an MLA-formatted Works Cited entry, then two fully-developed paragraphs discussing that particular source.

The first paragraph will be a summary of the source, including at least one quote you’ve taken from the source that you think represents the thesis, or main point, of that source. That paragraph should also include a description of the evidence or details the author uses to support that point.

The second paragraph should be an evaluation of that source’s reliability and credibility, using the information from our Norton textbook and the class discussion covering the CRAAP test. Consider purpose, audience, and overall effectiveness in this evaluation.

You need to find at least SEVEN sources, according to the following guidelines:

  • At least three articles taken from academic journals housed in our library’s databases
  • No more than two sources drawn from the internet at large (News sites, blogs, etc.)
  • At least one hard-copy source from our on-campus library
  • At least one multi-media source—podcast, video, documentary, etc

Then, at the end of the document, you’ll include a Critical Assessment of your collected sources, in which you discuss them as a whole. Things to consider:

  • To what conclusions do your collected sources as a whole lead?
  • Was anything new, surprising, or interesting?
  • What do your sources say about the importance of your topic?
  • What do your sources say about the currency or relevance of your topic?
  • What do your sources teach about the problem you’re exploring?

The final document must be formatted according to MLA guidelines, including in-text citations and bibliographical documentation. The Critical Assessment will necessarily span 750-1000 words—any shorter and you won’t have developed your ideas thoroughly enough, but any longer means you are probably trying to do too much. Your submission must be your own work, created originally for this assignment, otherwise normal rules for plagiarism will apply.

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